Front-door mats are essentially something useful that we have just outside our houses to get rid of some of the dirt in our shoes.

Personalise your own mat - front door

But just because they are useful it doesn’t mean that they need to be plain. Nowadays there is a huge variety of front-door mats in both style and price range. There are real beauties out there but I can never justify spending much money on something that essentially collects dirt when you can get one that serves the same purpose for much less. You can’t have your cake and eat it. Or can you?

In this case, you totally can.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Personalise your own mat
1. All you need to personalise a very inexpensive mat is the mat, some spray paint and some cardboard.The design can be as complicated or simple as you want. I decided to go for a simple design, our house number and some circles. 2. You can print the numbers on a piece of paper, copy it to the cardboard and cut the numbers out. I decided to draw my own numbers to make it more personal. 3. Place the cardboard where you want the numbers to appear on your mat and secure with some tape and pins. Spray from the top. Small little sprays work best. 4. I made another stencil with circles and sprayed them around the numbers. 5. I finally used some acrylic paint to define the edges of the numbers. 6. I am loving my new personalised mat – it feels very summery and fresh.

Personalise your own mat - front door1
It is nice when the outside of your house says something about you, don’t you think?

Will you make one?
Chaotic Itzi

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