I was looking at my kitchen utensils the other day and I realized that most of my wooden spoons and spatulas were cracked, broken or burnt. They have been hard at work for far too long so it was time to retire them and buy new ones, and since I had to buy new ones, I decided to give them a splash of color by painting them.
Painted Wooden Spoon - OrganisingChaos
I spend good few hours a day cooking and colorful utensils will definitely put a smile in my face, especially during those grey days that we can’t seem to shake off.
Wooden spoons ready to paint
Painter's tape for painting wooden spoons
This is a very easy and budget friendly project. All you need is your favorite color paints, wooden utensils and some painter’s tape. I decided I was going to paint some stripes, so I used the painter’s tape to mark the lines.
Organising Chaos - Painted Wooden Spoons
I would suggest not to paint too low down in the spoons if you are planning to use normal paint for this project, you don’t want your paint and your food mixing.
OCB -  - Painted Wooden Spoons
Aren’t they looking pretty? They really put a smile in my face – and some people say that I am hard to please,,, I don’t know what they are talking about…
Painted Wooden Spoon - OrganisingChaos
Have an amazing day,
Chaotic Itzi


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