I always love those images in magazines with kid’s clothes hanging from a cute hanger in a beautiful room but pretty hangers are hard to come by and when they do, they are usually way beyond my price range.

The boys have cool clothes, but with my medically confirmed allergy to ironing, shirts tend not to feature in their (or our) wardrobes but I still feel that their rugby, football jerseys and their jackets deserve pretty hangers.
OCB - Painting Wooden Hangers
All you need for this project is wooden hangers and some paint. A tip not to spend too much on paint is to buy some tester pots, this way you get a variety of colours for different projects that don’t take up too much space, for a small amount of money.
OCB - Painting wooden hangers
I bought these painted wooden hangers in Penny’s recently – cheap and cheerful indeed (you can find similar ones here) and I just painted them with dots and flowers.
OCB - Painting wooden hangers
OCB - Painting wooden hangers
I am totally in love with the result – the colours and pattern. Pretty hangers and pretty things make us happy.
OCB - Painting wooden hangersOCB - Painting wooden hangers
What puts a smile in your face around the house? What projects make you happy?
Happy day lovely people.
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