How to organise to herbal teas @ OrganisingChaosBlog My love affair with herbal teas started many, many (many, many) years ago when I was trying to give up coffee in the morning. I used to bring herbal teas to work in the naive hope that I would drink the tea instead of the coffee. Of course that didn’t work – I can’t function without coffee. The herbal teas did however help me cut down on the amount of coffee I take in the afternoon. It took me a long time (I am a bit slow in fairness) to realize that more often than not, all I wanted in the afternoon was a warm beverage, not necessarily coffee but simply something warm. 
I also find herbal teas to be a great way to up my water intake in winter when the mere idea of having a glass of water, even at room temperature, is a difficult task but a tea, a nice hot cup of tea, even if it’s not of the traditional variety (I live in Ireland and they are BIG into their tea!) is always welcome.How to organise to herbal teas - what you need @ OrganisingChaosBlog

How to organise to herbal teas - what you need @ OrganisingChaosBlog

It’s amazing the different kind of teas you can find nowadays. Gone are the days where berry teas were as exotic as they come. Now the variety is amazing : apple and pear; peach & apple; orange & chocolate… one delicious treat after another one… I get greedy. I want them all! But all those small little cute boxes full of delicious flavors take up a lot of space. A lot. And that is just tea! So it was time to unify them!

I had a pretty cookie tin from a previous Christmas lying around and together with some small zip bags, some tape and a marker I managed to simplify the tea chaos into a small pretty tin. How to organise to herbal teas - zip bags are best @ OrganisingChaosBlog
How to organise to herbal teas with a pretty tin @ OrganisingChaosBlogBy keeping the teas into zip bags, you will also be able to maintaining the flavors and smells for longer, and that is what herbal teas are all about: smells and flavors.Organising Herbal Teas - After @ OrganisingChaosBlogI now know what teas I have and which ones are running low. So easy. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before… 

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