So the blog is back up (insert a super happy dance!!). And that I still have some hair on my head (another happy dance!!).
It stills need some tweaking,┬ásome messing about but I am happy for the most part. I have missed blogging, the routine, the interaction… I have missed you!

growing older is no excuse to grow up

The last couple of weeks have felt very grown up. I know that it is a silly thing to say since I am 40 (yep, I said it!) and I should feel like a grown up all the time but the thing is, I don’t. Not really.

I still feel like the girl I was when I was 25, happy-go-lucky, just doing my thing. The only difference is that my thing has changed. Before I would be looking for gigs to go to at the weekend and now I am debating whether or not change my mortgage provider. Before I would organise weekends away with friends and now I am checking the weather to see if I can go to the playground with the boys and have a picnic there. You see, priorities and tasks change, but the person you are inside doesn’t. Not much anyway. I still love meeting up with friends, having dinner with them, going away with Mr B, going to gigs… but I also love having picnics in my sitting-floor with the kids when the weather is bad, and making pizza with them, and decorating my own house.

One thing I don’t enjoy about being a grown up is paperwork : mortgage, life insurance, pension… arghhhh…. even thinking about gives me a rash.

we never really grow up

Mr B and I always had a joke that Adult Films should be all about insurance, taxes, houses… any kind of form, but not about sex. Anybody can have sex, but you need to be an adult, or at least behave like one, when you are dealing with paperwork.

The good thing is once it is all done and filed away, you can go back to being your normal self : a 40 going on 25-year-old happy-go-lucky kind of girl in my case. Oh happy days!

Do you feel like a grown up yet?
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