This month’s plant is a Chlorophytum, better known as a Spider Plant. (spider plant, spider plant, spider does what a spider can...)

My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant 3

I have been wanting to introduce plants to the boy’s playroom for a while now but I was worried about where to place them. By the window, where most of the light is, there is no shelving other than the windowsill and plants would not be safe there. On the other side of the room, where the shelves are, there is less light and loads of toys, so there was no guarantee that the plant would be safe there either.

My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant 1My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant 2So what do you with a plant you want to place in a children’s playroom? You hang it! close to a window if at all possible.

With the location decided, I then had to decide what plant to get. Hanging plants look great when first hung and as they start growing they turn amazing and they really become a feature in the room. I love them.

This amazing plant will have more leaves coming out at the end of the leaves as it grows and that it both weird and cool, which makes it perfect for the boy’s playroom. And it’s a spider plant in a room full of SpiderMen, that’s cool right? It is in my house…
My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant My monthy green purchase - Spider PlantI used a little plastic yellow bin to add an element of fun to the piece, made my macrame hanger and hung it close to the window. It looks so fresh! I love the different greens on the leaves – so bright!
My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant
The boys haven’t noticed it yet. I wonder if they ever will… 😉

Chaotic Itzi


  1. I love spider plants. There’s just something about them. It may be their fullness and lushness. Love the yellow contrasting pot. Enjoy your spider plant. It will give you babies soon enough!

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