No more laces in summer shoes
I like to spend most of the summer in flip flops or sandals. There is something very invigorating about getting your toes out in the fresh air especially when they spent the rest of the seasons inside boots. Despite my best intentions to free my feet from the restrains of shoes, the weather doesn’t always comply and sometimes it rains. Imagine that! So inconsiderate, don’t you think?
I usually have a pair of canvas shoes that I have for those days where sandals are not an option, but I don’t like laces. I actually resent them. You need to tie them, they get wet, they become untied, tangled… they are just messy so I decided to get rid of them.
No more laces in summer shoes
This “no lace” solution is also great to use for children’s runners, especially when they are at an age where they don’t know how to tie them up properly just yet. It allows them to wear the shoes that they want without the hassle of the laces (no more dirty looks from teachers!)
No more laces in summer shoes 2
Remove the laces from the shoes (isn’t it liberating?) and replace them with an elastic band tying a knot at the top and at the bottom. That is it.
Replacing shoe laces for live
No wet laces. No more knotted laces. No more laces. Easy to slip them in and out. Hurray for small victories!
No more laces in summer shoes
What do you think? You like laces?
Chaotic Itzi

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