Family Friends


Happy New Year lovely people!!!

I hope you have all enjoyed a lovely break and are all energized and full of beans, because someone has to be and it is most certainly not me.

Since getting our holidays, we have been making the most of our free time. Christmas is a lovely time to meet up with friends, to re-connect, to have meaningful chats (and not so meaningful ones), to be. Just to be with friends. And that is exactly what we have been doing for over a week. Sitting down, drinking coffee, eating, chatting – being with friends. It has been glorious.

Mr B and I had the pleasure to start the year surrounded by friends. Old friends, kids, chaos, food, Nerf guns, shouting, food, count down, wine…  It was fun and relaxed. They all stayed over. There were mattresses, blankets and pillows everywhere. It was just perfect!

Family Friends

I am hoping that there will be many nights like this during the year. Next two weekends are already booked up with either us sleeping away or friends staying over. There will also be weekends where there will be just the 4 of us, of course. We all need our own space every-so-often. To spend quality time in family. But it’s important not to get too conformable in our own comfortable bubble. In our own cocoon. We all need friends to helps us, support us, nurture us. 

Mr B and I are very lucky to be surrounded by amazing friends and I want to make sure that my kids grow up valuing and nurturing friendships. 

Family are the family we choose

To the best possible 2017 – full of friends, joy and happiness!

Chaotic Itzi


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