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My new favorite cookbook was just delivered to my front door.
My very own dedicated and signed copy of The Brother Hubbard cookbook arrived at my house this afternoon.

Oh the excitement!

Brother Hubbard's CookBook

It is jam packed with amazing and delicious recipes, one of which is mine!! Yes, that’s right – this delicious Stew of Code with Peppers and Fennel Seed was all made up in my humble kitchen and, I am just so ridiculously delighted and grateful that Garrett thought it was worthy to be included in their amazing book, that I can’t stop dancing with joy, delight and pride…!!! (insert super happy (and obviously ridiculous but totally stylish)┬ádance here).

Brother Hubbard's Itzi's Cod Stwe @ OrganisingChaosBlogYay! yay, yay!!!

But this book not only has recipes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, suppers and any other time of the day when you may be hungry. Oh no! It also has tips and how-tos.

Brother Hubbard's supporting recipes

I am so making Preserved Lemons this weekend – such a delicious ingredient to have. It makes everything extra delicious…

The Brother Hubbard’s CookBook has been only been out few weeks and it has already been shortlisted for Cookbook of the Year in the 2016 Irish Book Awards. How amazing is that!!! It’s some achievement for a small independent cafe and a wonderful endorsement to their food, their hard work and all the love the pour into their food. So please, please, please, vote for them here!Delicious food @ Brother Hubbard
This book is going to be my reading for the winter.

I am planning a winter of cooking in my kitchen. A winter of trying out different recipes, of having people over to taste all the different recipes (I already have good few offers for tasters). A winter of delicious food.

Happy days!

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