Magnets are extremely handy in at home, to keep track of those important papers, to display your children’s artwork, to organise all your different lists… What I find is that most magnets are plain and bland or super tacky and expensive, so I decided to make my own ones at home.
Button Magnet - Make your own Organising Chaos
These cover button sets are super easy to use, very versatile and it helps me get rid of all the bits and pieces of material that I have in my craft (aka dumping) room allowing you to personalise them and make them fit into whatever scheme you want. And it’s very easy. You know me, I like easy.
How to make your own Button Magnets
Once you choose the materials you want to use to cover the buttons, cut the material in a circle slightly longer than the button itself. Put the material into the plastic mould, cover it with the top part of the button, fold the material inwards and close the button using the blue pusher. Glue a magnet to the back of the button, and admire your new magnet.
how to make your own Button Magnets - Organising Chaos
Easy, quick and satisfying. Perfect
.Make your own  magnets - Organising Chaos
Happy Monday lovely people!
Chaotic Itzi

Chaotic Itzi

My name is Itzi. My mission is to personalize my home in a style that suits our family needs and ours small budget. Be sure to register so I can share all my tips with you! Chaotic Itzi


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