Whenever I am in town I always love popping into to Tiger. It is such a wonderful shop! It’s full of cute things for decorating, crafting, cooking, stationary… and everything is pretty, colorful and very very reasonably priced so, even when you are trying to watch your budget, you are guaranteed to find something pretty and useful for few euros. And no, this is not an sponsored post, I just love the shop…

In one of my visits to the shop, I bought some silicone ties for sealing bags. They are made of silicone and they are colorful. They are pretty, useful and they were cheap so they came home with me.
KEEP YOUR CABLES PRETTY TIDY OrganisingChaosBlogAs it turned out, I didn’t have much need to use them to seal bags but I thought they would be perfect to keep those annoying long cords from your blender and other small appliances around the house.
KEEP YOUR CABLES PRETTY TIDY KEEP YOUR CABLES PRETTY TIDY OrganisingChaosBlogThey are easy to tie and untie so there is no mess, no fuss when using your appliances and there is no long cable looking messy on your counter or getting tangled with anything else in the drawer.
KEEP YOUR CABLES PRETTY TIDY OrganisingChaosBlogThey are pretty tidy… you get it? They are organised AND they look pretty!!!
I know, I know it’s bad… but I still like it… :-0

It really is the little things that make me happy… 😉
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