I usually start the year full of promises of a healthier life style for myself: eat more fruit, exercise more, enjoy the great outdoors more often…  I am usually very good the first month but as we settle back into the daily routine of school, extra curriculum activities, meeting friends and so on, these promises start fading and I revert to my normal (ie. previous) lifestyle.
Kale and berry smoothie 1
I find that the only way to make a real change into my lifestyle is by making it a habit, making time in my daily routine to add whatever I want to incorporate into my day and keep doing it consistently for a month. After a month, it no longer feels like an additional task, but it is already part of my routine.

I have been taking warm lemon water every morning for a while now. At first, I really had to remember to do it as my first impulse was to go for the coffee, but it is now part of my daily routine and I feel great. In addition to this, I wanted to introduce a smoothie into my schedule. Smoothies feel like a treat to me because they tend to be sweet and tasty so it should be easy enough to do it. Ingredients for Kale and berry smoothie
This Kale and Berry Smoothie is super tasty and healthy, and we often have the ingredients in the house. Kale is the new super food and it provides excellent sources of antioxidant vitamins A, C and K. Berries are also a great source of vitamin C which supports your immunity.
Probiotic milk for smoothies
Kale and berries smoothie
* 1 Cup of frozen berries
* 1 Handful of kale
* Juice of 1 orange
* 100 ml of probiotic milk.
Kale and smoothie smoothie 2
Although I always thought that a smoothie were a morning drink but  I think they are ideal for the afternoon, that time between lunch and dinner when your energy levels are dropping and you are a bit hungry. It would be a perfect “pick me up” super healthy drink.
Kale and berry smoothie 1
What about you? Is there something you want to introduce into your routine?
Let me know.

Have a great weekend,
Chaotic Itzi

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