When I was thinking about what plant to get in January my first thought was to get a cactus. I think I have been bitten by the cactus bug. I want my very own cactus corner. It will happen. Eventually. There are many months in the year. 12, I have been told!
Monthly Plant : My Jasmine Hoop @ OrganisingChaosBlog

In the end I bought a Jasmine Hoop and I couldn’t be happier. Right after I bought it, the skies turned a not so hot shade of grey and it started hail-stoning. Not cool. But it wasn’t too bad because my Jasmine Hoop smelled amazing and some of the little white flowers are starting to bloom. It cheered me up.
Monthly Plant : My Jasmine Hoop @ OrganisingChaosBlog
Monthly Plant : My Jasmine Hoop @ OrganisingChaosBlog

Jasmines are meant to be easy enough to look after and it should flower year after year given the right conditions. Jasmine flowers on new wood so the pruning should be done in the spring, after the plant has finished flowering but it shouldn’t be done too early as there is often a second flush. So prune but not too early.
Monthly Plant : My Jasmine Hoop @ OrganisingChaosBlog

The delicious smell and the pretty little flowers of this plant are a great reminder that this weather cannot last much longer and that Spring is just around the corner.

Longer days, colorful flowers, fresh smells… Spring will be here any minute now…

Have you bought any plants recently?

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    • 29/01/2016 at 10:18 am

      They smell so delicious! Get one! It will put a smile on your face!


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