Water-flavoured jello


I’ve been wanting to make jelly for a while. I don’t know why.

We didn’t make/eat jelly in my house growing up (I don’t think it’s all that popular in Spain). It is not something I ever got into when I moved to Ireland either and yet, for the last few months, I’ve been eager to experiment with jelly. For the fun of it. Sure, it can’t be that complicated, right?

Yesterday, while looking for something in my pantry, I found some powder gelatin. I have no idea how long it has been there as I have no recollection of ever buying it. As it had no flavour, I thought it was a good be an ideal first experiment.

Thinking back, it was a terrible idea. It was the day before shopping, I had very few ingredients in the house, had never made it before and I thought that I could wing it without looking up any recipes on-line. So smug… but it’s jelly, right? how hard can it be?

Water-flavoured jello

I diluted a small amount of concentrated juice with hot water to dissolve the gelatin. I then added some frozen berries to it. For some reason, I swear it made perfect sense at the time, I decided that a small amount of chocolate would make it extra special. As I was in the middle of cooking various dishes at once, I just threw some chocolate chips into the mixture, pour it into molds and put it in the fridge.

I was delighted with my self. My head was already playing my kids reaction out in my head. There would be hugs, kisses and high fives all around. The reality was very different.

The kids saw the gelatin before dinner and they decided to have a taste. The jellies were only small and I was eager to see their reactions.

They ate it. They tasted it – or they tried to. They asked what flavour it was. I told them what I put in it. They nodded.

When Mr B came into the kitchen, Chaotic Monkey said: “Dad, Mum made water flavour jelly!”

Water-flavoured jello

Well, at least it was not offensive!!! Small mercies and all that.

Have you got any recipes that I can try? Please share… for the sake of my children…

Chaotic Itzi


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