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Boys are back to school today. We are all feeling very excited and a tiny bit anxious.

The boys are very excited to catch up with their friends and I am excited to have some ‘me’ time.

One thing that I am not looking forwards to is… the return of the school lunches.

Every night, after the kids have gone to bed, after washes have been put on, after the house has been tidied up, after uniforms have been organised for the following day… right at that moment, when you are really looking forward to sitting down and watching something not very demanding on tv and letting your brain melt… is exactly then when you remember that you have to make healthy lunches for your delightful kids.

If you, like me, are in need of some inspiration, I have compiled some ideas that should keep us going for the first weeks…

Sausage Rolls & Salad on a Stick

Healthy School Lunches - Sausage Roll and Salad on a Stick @ OrgansiingChaosBlog


Hummus, Cheese and Lettuce Sandwich

Healthy Lunch - Hummus,Cheese and Lettuce Sandwich


Make Your Own Sandwich

School Lunches Round up


BLT pasta salad

Healthy School Lunches -blt-pasta-salad

Ham Kabobs

School Lunches Ideas

Good luck to all parents and children on their return to school.
May it not be too emotional.

Chaotic Itzi

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