Happy Mother’s Day if you live in one of those countries that are celebrating it today.

I always find it a bit confusing that Mother’s Day is a different days on each country. We had Mother’s Day in Ireland on March 15th and in Spain was last Sunday but it seems that today is the day that most countries celebrate it so if today is your day, Happy Mother’s Day!

Craftsy are celebrating Mother’s Day by giving you a lovely discount of up to $20 in all online classes!


From Machine Quilting
Machine Quilting
to Miniature French Desserts
Miniature French Desserts
to Gardening
Craftsy - Gardening for small spaces
you are guaranteed to find a class for you to fall in love with.

To all the have-been mothers, are-now mothers, will-be mothers, wish-they-were mothers, mothers that have no kids and all women who truly love children and who get to be mothers even only on a temporary basis, I wish you loads of love in return for all the patience, selfless acts and care you give, not only on one day but every day of the year.

Happy Mother’s Day!
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