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I have to come clean and say that I am not a massive Halloween fan.

I mean, I don’t hate it…. I like the idea of dressing up, of having people over, treats,… I even like decorating the house but I kind of resent the fact that it is such a short holiday and that it is over very quickly. I am thinking of start the decorating early this year so we get a bit longer out of the festivities.

Mr. B and the boys love Halloween. They love the mess of it! As with every holiday, they are of the opinion that more is more. I have learned that there is no point in fighting it so I might as well join them!

So, whether you are a massive Halloween fan or just going along for the ride, here is some Halloween inspiration that will help you decorate your house in style…

I am a sucker for printables. They are a lovely & hassle free way to decorate with personality on a tight budget.

Halloween Inspiration : Printable
the 36th avenue
Halloween Inspiration : Printables
Little Girl Pixel

And after printables, silhouettes are next in terms of easy ways to decorate the house for Halloween . And a great way to get small people helping out!

Headless Lady Silhouette - Halloween Inspiration
Silhouette - Halloween Inspiration
Dave Lowe Design

Last year, I shared some beautiful ways to decorate pumpkins. My kids are definitely into pretty Halloween pumpkin. Go figure…

So this year, I am going for just disgusting pumpkins…. in style of course…. 😉

Spider Nest - Halloween Inspiration
The Magic Onions
Pumpking Ideas - Halloween Inspiration
Martha Stewart

I think I could totally go for a family costume… so many options…  Somehow I don’t think the boys will buy into it… what do you think?Adams family customer - Halloween Inspiration

Family Halloween Costume - Halloween Inspiration

And what about food? I must admit that I can’t go too gross with food otherwise I can’t eat it, but these recipes seem easy and almost edible… or maybe not…

(excuse me while I barf in the corner…)

Hot fingers - Halloween Inspiration
Salty Canary
Pumpkin-Threw-Up-Guacamole - Halloween Inspiration
Amee’s Savoury Dish

I am now totally inspired and motivated to get decorating!
What about you?

Chaotic Itzi

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