Yesterday, for the first time in a 4 weeks, I was totally aware of what day of the week it was:┬áSunday – the last day of holidays.

Mr B is back to work today and although the boys are not back to school until Thursday, yesterday was the last day of holidays together.

We tried out school uniforms, looked for school bags on line, made lists of what is left to do and buy… but we were also trying to talk about how lucky we are to have had 4 full weeks of holidays all together.

4 weeks of uninterrupted quality family time. Time well spent in Spain and in Ireland, chilling out on the beach, being silly with cousins, facing our fears in evil roller-coasters, hanging out with friends, visiting sights, canoeing… a summer well spent.

Grateful for dirty clothes - amazing family holidays
Grateful for dirty clothes - amazing family holidays

We might not have the opportunity to spend 4 solid weeks all together in a long time, we don’t know what is around the corner. It is important not to take this time for granted. We need to be grateful. Grateful for our time together, for the sunny days and the rainy ones; for the exhaustion and the dirty clothes; for our fights and for all our hugs; for all our time together.

Chaotic Itzi

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