Grandad's bureau


I have been living in Ireland for a long time now… and although I am very settled here and I consider Ireland my home, I do get home-sick. I miss my family. A lot!

My grandparents passed away few years ago. It’s very hard to mourn someone when you are far away and so used to living without them and yet it makes every trip heartbreaking. For a while, after their passing, I just expected them to be there when every time I went back…

Grandad's bureau

A few years ago, as my grandparent’s home was being prepared to be sold, I was lucky to be able to bring to Ireland my granddad’s bureau.

Before it arrived, I knew exactly where I wanted to put it. I was so excited when it arrived to see that it fitted perfectly. It was as if we had designed the shelves above and the rest of the sitting room around it. It was meant to be.

My granddad was a super sweet man. He always made me feel special. I always thought that I had a special relationship with him but I can imagine that every single one of my cousins also had a special relationship with him. He was just fabulous. I miss him terribly.

I love telling my kids stories about my grandparents. My paternal grandmother wrote her memoirs and my dad typed them up and made a book of it for each one of us – I can’t wait for my kids to read it.

Grandad's bureau

I love coming down every morning and seeing my granddad’s bureau in my sitting room. I love that we use it on a daily basis and I love that my kids know that it belonged to my family and I hope that they will keep it in the future.

I have other bits and bobs that belong to my family. They all have great fun childhood memories attached to them and I love seeing them around the house.

Grandad's bureau

Memories stay in our heart and fill it with joy or sadness, but a full heart is a heart that has loved.

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