I know for a fact that I am not the only person that separates clothes between the good clothes and the plain ones; the Monday to Friday gear and the weekend wear; the office clothes and the casual ones; the normal kickers and the fancy ones for especial occasions (did I take it too far? Am I on my own here?)

he Good Knicker's Syndrome

But with time, things change. They evolve. And our priorities change.
When I first joined the work force (many, many moons ago), my work clothes used to be very formal and my weekend clothes were much less formal.

After leaving the corporate world to stay at home with the kids for a couple of years, my style became very relaxed. Casual clothes Monday to Sunday. Oh, yeah! After so many years getting all done up every morning before heading out to work, it was very nice to be able to wear just a tracksuit or a pair of jeans to run my errands, collect the kids, do the shopping. It was lovely. For a while.

the Good knicker's Syndrome - cut and paste clothes to suit your style

But even the love-affair with a tracksuit, as wonderful as it was, had to come to an end.
After few months, I grew tired of my new uniform, of the same clothes everyday. So I tried a bit of cutting and pasting, mixing the smart and casual wear, fancy tops with jeans and fancy dresses with runners – more my style anyway.

Now that I am back to work, and since the dress code is very relaxed, I am trying to keep this style going.- to avoid slipping into old habits. No more division in my wardrobe. No more Good Knickers’ Syndrome. Every day is a day worthy of fancy knickers. Indeed!

What about you?
Have you got a drawer with fancy knickers? or maybe a wardrobe full of suits? Do you mix and match?

Chaotic Itzi


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