Monochrome seems to be my default setting in winter.

I have recently noticed that I own good few black and white items of clothing and they are pretty much all I am wearing these days.  It seems to be the only fitting colors in these winter days of grey skies, rain and darkness.
Fighting Winter: colors neededIt is a well known fact that colors affect our mood and although wearing dark colors in the winter seems appropriate to blend in with the weather, it can also bring your mood down.

I have decided to step away from the monochromes, to fight the grey skies with colorful hats and scarfs, to rescue that orange and pink top that don’t get out in winter, to wear bright colors to fight the darkness.

I am excited to venture into my wardrobe to rediscover and fall in love with dresses that have not been worn in a long time, combine fun colors and think outside the box in terms of winter clothing.

This is my plan. This is how I am fighting winter this year. Will you join me?
Step away from monochrome and come to the bright side with me.

Chaotic Itzi

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