How is your holiday break going? We are having the best time around here.
Easter Holidays
We had an amazing weekend with friends and family in the west of Ireland.
It was amazing. The kids had an amazing time running around in the wild and the dirt and we also had an amazing time catching up with friends and family.
Daniel and Ruben in the West of Ireland
Mr B made some bow and arrows for the kids this weekend and they were a great hit
Bow and Arrows
My mum and sister arrived on Sunday and we are having a busy yet chilled out time. The sun has been shinning and we have been spending most of the time in the garden which, after the long and cold winter was in a bit of a mess.
Mum and Easter sky
We have done some tiding up, cleaning, weeding, eating and relaxing in it and it is now looking way more decent.
I just bought loads of plants (outside ones – they don’t count towards my monthly allowance) and I am planning to spend the next couple of days planting, cooking and chilling.
Outside plants
What about you? How is your week going? What are your plans? Whatever you do, have a great time!

Chaotic Itzi

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