Keeping track of kid’s growth seems to be part of family life.

When I was small, the door of the pantry in my grandmother’s house was full of lines tracking the growth of myself, my sisters and all my cousins. I remember that there was a little competition between all the cousins, especially when we were all together, as if we had some input in our genetics!
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In our own house, we started drawing lines in the boy’s room around 4 years ago. There is something very emotional about messy lines on a wall, tracking your kid’s growth, acknowledging how much they have grown in short periods of time, and the mixed feelings of being excited about them growing up and the memory of how small they once were.

When we recently painted the room, we took a photo of the lines and dates so we could recreate it maybe somewhere else in their room.

I decided to make a height chart for the boys. I bought a 1.5 meter narrow piece of wood in my local DIY shop. I wanted something simple and old looking. I first painted it green and once dry I painted another thin layer of white paint and I distressed it with some fine sand paper.
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I made the markings with a Sharpie and I again sanded it down.
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I attached it to the wall with No More Nails.
Keep track of your kid's growth - OrganisingChaosBlog
I am ready to start marking again. Looking forward to the future, been surprised as to how big they have got and embracing the nostalgia of looking back.

Enjoy your day,
Chaotic Itzi

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