Easter has never been big for me. I didn’t grow up in a religious house and we certainly did not have Easter bunnies or eggs in Spain but the kids made such lovely decorations in school before the holiday that I decided to embrace it all and make some Easter decorations myself.

I decided to go with the classics: the Easter Bunny – Bunnies are very adorable, cute and colorful, at least these ones…
OrganisingChaodBlog - Easter Bunny Garland
You will need:
color and white paper,
loose cotton
cello tape
How to make an Easter Bunny Garland
To make the bunny, you could print one from the web or you can try your hand at drawing one. I drew my one as I started doing with the kids and they were not in the mood for waiting so I drew the cutest bunny I could, I cut it out and I used it as a template using different coloured papers.
How to make an Easter Bunny GarlandHow to make an Easter Bunny Garland 2
I then cut some white paper for the inside of the ears and the tummies and I glued some cotton to make the tails super fluffy and cute.
How to make an Easter Bunny Garland 3
Once you have all your bunnies in a row (;-)), use the cello tape to stick the ribbon to the back of the cuties and hang them somewhere where you can enjoy them. They really are super cute!
OrganisingChaosBlog - How to make a cute Easter Bunny Garland

Have a great Easter.
Chaotic Itzi

Chaotic Itzi

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