Gather around my little friends while I tell you a lovely story…

Good few years ago (I’ve never been good with dates) some friends of ours opened a cafe in Dublin’s Capel Street – Brother Hubbard. They had always been passionate about food and after giving up their office jobs, going travelling and experiencing different tastes, flavours, looks and ambiances, they came back to Dublin to open their dream cafe. Their food is fresh, exciting and beyond delicious and I am so jealous of everyone in Dublin for having them there.Brother Hubbard - amazing cafe

The cafe started doing so well that Garrett and James extended their hours into the evening and even gave Brother Hubbard a sister – Sister Sadie on the other side of the river.

Although we try to visit our friends and their amazing cafes whenever we are in Dublin, I have spent years drooling over their menus on-line. I would see photographs of their food in their website or their Facebook page and I would get the urge to drive to the other side of the island just to grab a bite of that amazing food.

Brother Hubbard - the recipe book

As the owners are friends of mine, I would send them messages asking them to share recipes with me so I could satisfy my taste-buds with an attempt to copy their mouth watering food but no! They would not share! I always got the same reply : You have to wait for the cookbook to come out. 

So I did. I waited.
And it is finally here!!!!


I can not describe how happy I am.

I am bursting with pride that my friends have not one but two amazing restaurants in Dublin. I am proud of their reviews. Proud of how much they have achieved especially because I know how hard they have worked, how much they have put into it and how much they have sacrificed.

I am also delighted for me! Because finally I am going to be able to attempt to replicate their food in my kitchen, whenever I want. sharing-food-at-brother-hubbard

So I am off to buy my copy.

If you need me next week, I will be in my kitchen, cooking and eating.
I might share. I might not. I am not making any promises.

And when you get yourself a copy, who knows?  You might find something else in there….

Check it out!

Chaotic Itzi




I know for a fact that I am not the only person that separates clothes between the good clothes and the plain ones; the Monday to Friday gear and the weekend wear; the office clothes and the casual ones; the normal kickers and the fancy ones for especial occasions (did I take it too far? Am I on my own here?)

he Good Knicker's Syndrome

But with time, things change. They evolve. And our priorities change.
When I first joined the work force (many, many moons ago), my work clothes used to be very formal and my weekend clothes were much less formal.

After leaving the corporate world to stay at home with the kids for a couple of years, my style became very relaxed. Casual clothes Monday to Sunday. Oh, yeah! After so many years getting all done up every morning before heading out to work, it was very nice to be able to wear just a tracksuit or a pair of jeans to run my errands, collect the kids, do the shopping. It was lovely. For a while.

the Good knicker's Syndrome - cut and paste clothes to suit your style

But even the love-affair with a tracksuit, as wonderful as it was, had to come to an end.
After few months, I grew tired of my new uniform, of the same clothes everyday. So I tried a bit of cutting and pasting, mixing the smart and casual wear, fancy tops with jeans and fancy dresses with runners – more my style anyway.

Now that I am back to work, and since the dress code is very relaxed, I am trying to keep this style going.- to avoid slipping into old habits. No more division in my wardrobe. No more Good Knickers’ Syndrome. Every day is a day worthy of fancy knickers. Indeed!

What about you?
Have you got a drawer with fancy knickers? or maybe a wardrobe full of suits? Do you mix and match?

Chaotic Itzi



Today you are in for a treat my lovely readers. The gorgeous Hayley from A Stitch To Scratch is here today to share the most amazing tips with us!

Hayley often inspires me to think outside the box when it comes to material and clothes and I know she will inspire you all today… so without further adue… I leave you with Hayley


Hello there Chaotic readers!

This is Hayley Margaret, and it’s a great honour to be guest posting over here on Itzi’s fabulous blog. Today I’m going to be sharing with you my favourite ways (personally and gathered from all corners of the internet) of getting that little bit more out of clothing nearing its end-­of-­life!

It happens to us all, we open our wardrobes, pick out something to wear and think, oh dear, that’s not going to last much longer. Or that won’t fit soon! Or even still have those items hanging around that have gotten a bit holey or too big / small but we can’t throw them away. We could still use them somehow, right?

Right! I’m a big fan re­purposing clothes. If something isn’t working in my wardrobe, how can I change it to make it work. Sometimes I go out shopping in charity shops to find very cheap clothes ripe for re­purposing! (just for fun!)

I figure when you are dealing with old clothes you have three main options: 1. Change it a little. 2. Change it a lot. 3. Complete function overhaul.


Nothing lasts forever, but if we tweak our clothes just a bit, we might be able to make them last a little longer. To eke the last bit of life out with a few small changes you could:

  • Cut an old T­shirt into a workout / lazyday tank.

This is one of my favourite things to do! When t­shirts get a bit worn out (or if it’s a bit boring) I lop off the arms and the neck, tie the back straps together and voila, a chilled out tank top for working (or lazing!) out! If you’re interested, after you’ve read this awesome post, head on over to my blog where I’ll be sharing a picture blow­by­blow of my own method!
change a t-shirt into a tank top

  • Turn too ­short trousers into shorts with a cute cuff

This is a great one for kids, because they grow so fast! I don’t have any (yet), but I know I’ll be remembering this trick! There’s no reason why it also wouldn’t look awesome on an adult too! Jeans are expensive, let’s make the absolute most of them. I love this tutorial that explains exactly how to do this very easily!
how to turn pants into shortsNext time I have a pair of jeans on the outs, I’m going to try this!

  • Add a strip of lace to the bottom of too­ small shirts

I love this life­hack. I have this amazing female superhero shirt that I haven’t worn in over a year because it’s just too short. I don’t like the way it sits but I love the shirt, what to do?
Easy peasy. Grab yourself a strip of long lace (from any good haberdashery if you’re not weird enough like me to have lace just lying around) position it along inside of the hem stitching around the bottom of your shirt and stitch along the hem again in the same place as the original hem. The stitches will blend in with the original ones and you’ve added a bit of adorable to your shirt.
I did this with my favourite Femme Power t­shirt and now it’s one of my top wardrobe items again, plus now it’s even cuter!
Add lace to an old t-shirt


If you fancy getting a bit more adventurous, you could try to change your item into another type of clothing. With a bit of jigging around and a needle and thread, your old clothes can have a new lease of life as a totally different garment!

  • Turn a shirt to a pencil skirt

I found this tutorial online recently about re-purposing a men’s shirt into an awesome pencil skirt. Now I’m just waiting for one of my Boy’s shirts to reach its sell­-by (and also scouring charity shops for bargains to transform!) so that I can try this out.T-shirt Pencil Skirt

  • Make a cardigan out of a jumper or shirt

This has to be one of the easier changes ­in ­clothes I’ve seen. Your jumper’s getting a bit on the small side you say? I say cut down the centre of it. You can buy wundaweb or other iron­-on hemming tapes from numerous shops. Just fold over the cut sides of your jumper to the back, place some hemming web between the layers and iron over according to manufacturer’s instructions. You can stop right there and have a cute little thing to wear open over a shirt on a colder day, or you can sew yourself on some buttons down one side to complete the cardigan sew cardiganFor a breakdown of the steps to do this you can visit this great page here.

  • Jeans become a skirt

If you, like me, have bits of fabric maybe lying around, here’s a great use for them and an old pair of non-­fitting jeans.
how to make a skirt from trousers
This blog shares a great idea to open up the inside-seam of a pair of jeans and slip in a contrasting section of fabric, creating a lovely embellished denim skirt. The one featured in this instance is for a child – again a great idea for reusing your kids’ clothes when they inevitably outgrow them – but there’s no reason you can’t do this with an old pair of your jeans too!


I love this type of re­-purposing possibly the best, because you get to exercise complete creativity. I guess it’s just one step down from cutting up my garment and harvesting it for fabric for my stash, but I prefer to have an idea of what it will be before I start hacking up an item of clothing!

  • Sleeves of a jumper into fingerless mitten gloves

The next thing I’m going to do with an old jumper is turn the sleeves into fingerless mittens for this abominable winter, a la this tutorial from The Renegade Seamstress diy-fingerless-mittens-from-a-felted-wool-sweater

  • Jeans pockets into unique bunting

This is something I’ve recently done with a bunch of jeans back­pockets I’ve been collecting (it does sound strange when you say it like that). I love recycling denim for projects so anytime we get an old pair of jeans need chucking, I harvest them for all possible reusable parts! The big chunks of denim go in my stash to be used for lovely little bits like the ears on my stuffed elephant mascot and the pockets go in a little drawer waiting until I had enough to do something awesome like this with them!Jean pockets buntingI’ve sewn a little tunnel into the top of each of them to thread with string and hang like bunting. I think they’re a great little decoration (and pretty handy for storing things in!)

  • Old shirt to a headband

This last one is so easy that I’m itching to try it. This ehow tutorial  shows you how to cut up your shirts and tie them into a celtic knot to make a cool headband. I am all about the headwear. I just need a nice­coloured top to try it with. If you don’t want to / can’t glue the ends together like the tutorial features, you can also sew them!an old t-shirt into a headband

I hope I’ve managed to inspire you to think a little about throwing out or donating your old clothing the minute it becomes unwearable in it’s current format. Not only is changing it up a bit thrifty and sensible, but also really fun!

Thank you, Itzi, for letting me share some of my love for clothes alterations and re-purposing with you and your readers!

Thank you so much, Hayley, for the inspiration and the ideas! Love them!
Chaotic Itzi



Today I want to share with you a little tip that will help you keep sandwiches closed on the go, will make them easier to eat and there will be less mess! Am I promising too much? Not at all!

We all make sandwiches at some point in our life. Whether is office or school lunch, a weekend picnic, to eat in the train…. sandwiches, pita bread pockets, wraps, baguettes… food sandwiched between an edible top and bottom, is usually our go-to-food to eat “on the go”.
Tips - no more Messy Sandwiches @ OrganisingChaosBlogI tend to get a bit creative when I am making sandwiches. I mean, just because I am eating a sandwich it doesn’t mean that it has to be plain and boring, right? The problem is that the more ingredients you put in, the harder will be to keep it closed.

The boys used to come home from school frustrated because their sandwiches were very messy by lunch time. From all the rattling inside the lunch box, the sandwich was pretty much deconstructed by the time they went to eat it making it difficult to pick them up or do anything with it.

In order to keep all your ingredients inside the sandwich and avoid mess is to wrap it in cling film or tin foil. That will certainly keep your sandwich neat. But, if you are like me and you are not a great fan of cling film, and/or you have run out of it, and/or if you like reusing your containers, there is a very simple solution for you.


  1. Make your sandwich. Put all the ingredients you want in it. Yes, as many as you wantTips - no more Messy Sandwiches @ OrganisingChaosBlog
  2. Cut your sandwich in half if required.
  3. Get a sheet of kitchen paper and cut 2 strips from it. The width of the strip will depend on how big your sandwich is. The bigger the sandwich, the thicker the kitchen roll strip should be.
  4. Fold the strips lengthwise to make them more resistant.
  5. Wrap the folded kitchen paper strip around your sandwich.
  6. Secure with some tape.Tips - no more Messy Sandwiches @ OrganisingChaosBlog
  7. Ta dah!
  8. Repeat procedure for other sandwiches.

This tip works perfectly well with baguettes, wraps, burritos, pita bread… anything that needs to be contained, some kitchen roll and tape will contain it! So no more messy sandwiches, lunch boxes or picnics, just wrap it and enjoy it!
Will you try it?
Tips - no more Messy Sandwiches @ OrganisingChaosBlog

Happy Friday lovely people!
Have an amazing weekend

Chaotic Itzi


It’s funny to see how different things are in every family. What is normal in one household might be something totally alien to another. You really get to appreciate all these differences when you start living with people, be friends, partners… everyone brings something different and new to the mix.

Where am I going with this? In my parent’s house in Spain, there has always been (or at least as far as I can remember) a painting brush in the kitchen. This “bug standard” painting brush was not for painting… oh no! it was to clean out the breadcrumbs left after cutting the bread. So, we would have the bread board, the bread knife and the bread brush. Perfectly normal. Or so I thought. Mr B always found it amusing. Useful, but amusing.
Paint brushes are not just from painting - OrganisingChaosBlog
This got me thinking about what other uses I have around the house for painting brushes that were not, well, painting that are totally normal to me but other people may not know?


Brushing the breadcrumbs will make it easier to clean them as they will remain dry, not scatter around the place and won’t get stuck to the cloth making it all yucky. Also, you’ll be able to get the breadcrumbs that tend to hide in the corner…. the little feckers that make you stick your tong out when you are cleaning… those ones! They will be brushed away with your dignity intact!Paint brushes are not just from painting - OrganisingChaosBlog


For those moments after haven shaken your keyboard upside down and you realize how filthy it is, clean between the keys with the paintbrush to get out the hard to get dirt bits of stuff (or whatever they are!).  Easy! Paint brushes are not just from painting - OrganisingChaosBlog


By using a brush to clean the vents, you not only will you dust them but also you will push out any bit of dirt that might have got into them.Paint brushes are not just from painting - OrganisingChaosBlog

How cool is that? and how simple?
But I hear you (or maybe it’s just me!): Do I really want a manky old brush around my house in plain sight? Of course not!!! And that is why someone invented washi tape – to make everything prettier. By covering the silver part of the brush with washi tape and adding a pretty ribbon at the end, you have transformed a plain boring painting brush into something useful and pretty that you don’t mind displaying in your kitchen or your office.
Paint brushes are not just from painting - OrganisingChaosBlog
So next time you are in a hardware store, get some brushes for home, give them some love and they will love you right back. As simple as that.

What do you think? Would you give it a go?

Chaotic Itzi

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