We like cork boards in my house. And when I say WE, I refer to the royal we. As in ME.

I like having somewhere to put things up, to make that drawer-full-of-random-papers a tiny bit lighter, somewhere to gather the kids’ invitations so I remember to bring them to parties and recipes that I rip from doctor’s waiting rooms while I pretend to cough (oh yeah, that’s me!).

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Years ago I used to think that pompoms were childish. It was probably before I had children and I was a very serious professional woman… yeah, right! as if I could be that person. But I guess there was a time in my life where pompoms did not have a place, not in my house, nor in my head. And then I had children…

I have always liked pretty things, but I don’t think I was into cute things necessarily. I only got into cute things when I had children. Babies will do that to you. Babies themselves are cute, their clothes are cute, their toys are cute, the decorations for their rooms are cute… they are basically cute central. And with cuteness came pompoms. Kids love pompoms and I love kids – it is a natural progression, right?

Pompoms for our bedroom - Organising Chaos Blog

Pompoms transform something plain and even serious into something whimsical and I have come to realize that I want my house to be pretty and whimsical. Not perfect, I am not that person. We definitely go for the lived in look, but I want to make it comfortable, inviting and playful – somewhere to relax.

I have already shared with you how pompoms can bring life and interest into a plain lampshade and blanket. and I have also used pompoms to make bookmarks and recently I have been adding pompoms to cushions in our bedrooms. A simple thing that lifts a plain cushion to another level.

Blue pompoms for Ikea cushion 1 - Organising Chaos Blog

These already lovely cushions from Ikea look like they were always meant to have pompoms all around them, don’t you think?

Adding pompoms to cushions - super cute - Organising Chaos Blog

I have also added handmade pompoms to the cushions in their room. Not only they provide texture and contrast, but it is also a great way to make any color scheme more cohesive and brings it together.

Handmade pompoms in cushions - Organising Chaos Blog
Handmade pompoms in for the boys rooms - Organising Chaos Blog

I am seriously thinking of making a pompom garland for my shed.
I think it HAS to happen. It NEEDS it!

Have a great day,

Chaotic Itzi


Remember when back in December I had enough of my kid’s bickering and fighting when going to bed and I decided to re-arrange my entire upstairs armed with coffee and an alan key?

Well, since then, things have improved in that front. Don’t get me wrong – there is still plenty of fighting and bickering during the day but I guess that is part of having siblings and I can ignore it to an extend. But now, at night, they each go to their room. They read for a little bit. They turn off their lights. And they go to sleep. No chats. No fights. No “MUM!!! HE SAID (insert random comment!)”. No more of that. Only silence. Bliss.
Big Monkey's wall - Organising Chaos Blog
When I moved the furniture around, my mainly focus was getting the wardrobes organised ASAP. Moving Big Monkey’s clothes to his room, and Chaotic Monkey’s to his together with their toys,  shoes, summer clothes, winter coats, rain gear and all the million little “things” that they needed to survive. By the time I finished tidying all the bedrooms, it was Christmas and I was too exhausted and too bored with those rooms to think about decorating them, so I didn’t do anything for ages. Until now.

After only 5 months of sitting on my hands, I decided to buy some frames and start decorating at least one of his walls (only one though…. let’s not get too carried away here people…).  I wanted to decorate Big Monkey’s walls in monochrome, with some grey thrown in to it and some bright fun colors scattered around the room. This room used to be the spare room and it already had a little bunting and some paper flowers that I made. I thought about removing it but in the end I kept it to have a bit of color on the wall.

So I framed a print that we made together as a family and an amazing drawing that he had made a couple of years and had afterwards aged the paper to make it look old.
Big Monkey's wall Family print - Organising Chaos Blog
Big Monkey's wall - his own art - Organising Chaos Blog

It was ready for him the other when he came back from school and he loved it! I was deeply touched that an 8-year-old was so
appreciative of a collage wall in his room! There is a lot of him on the wall. Memories. It’s personal. It suits his personality. Serious but fun.
Big Monkey's wall -his room- Organising Chaos Blog
Big Monkey's wall - displaying his own art- Organising Chaos Blog
I was so delighted with his reaction I might actually finish his room before he leaves for college!
Big Monkey's wall - Organising Chaos Blog
Next up! One wall for Chaotic Monkey!
How long will it take me???

Chaotic Itzi



Make your own Serving Board for a night with friends @ OrganisingChaosBlogWhen we updated our kitchen, we went for solid wood counters. We wanted a very white and neutral look for the kitchen and we knew that the wood would make it feel more welcoming and warm and it totally does. We are totally and utterly in love with our counter tops. Updating the kitchen @ OrganisingchaosBlog

As kitchen counters come on pre-cut lengths, we had to get 2 full lengths for the long stretch along the window leaving us with plenty of wood left to do what we wanted with it.  A big chunk of it was used to make a windowsill behind the sink and that left us with some off cuts of wood that would be no good for any other big project so we put the big pieces of wood left in the attic while we come up with projects for it and we left the small bits in the utility room.

After staring at them every time I did laundry or just passed by the utility room, I made a decision. I decided to make a couple of food boards out of them. It made perfect sense: I love food, my friends love food and  I am always looking for ways to display the food in ways that looks pretty and it’s practical, and this would be yet another way to do it. Make your own Serving Board for a night with friends @ OrganisingChaosBlog
Make your own Serving Board for a night with friends @ OrganisingChaosBlogSo once I united the boards, chalk paint and brushes I got on with it. Two hours later, a couple of magazines read, plenty of coffee drank and the paint dried, I gave the newly painted boards a rub with linseed oil to protect them and stuck some felt pads at the bottom to protect my counters from being accidentally scratched. Ready for using!

We have been using them a lot whenever we have had friends over. It makes everything look so pretty and yummy!Make your own Serving Board for a night with friends @ OrganisingChaosBlog

I have also being using them as a little personal tea station for one.

What do you think? Have you got any wood lying around your house? or are you coming to ours?

Chaotic Itzi


We are big into blackboards in our house. Not only are we big into blackboards in our house but we are big into big blackboards.

My kitchen Blackboard - Organising Chaos Blog

We have a bit one in the playroom where the kids practice their letters, their sums, they keep score of their games…

Playroom blackboard - Organising Chaos Blog

We used to have one in the old kitchen where we had our weekly menu: the breakfast menu that stopped arguments and meltdowns in the morning,  the lunch menu that helped me give my kids balanced and varied lunch boxes, and dinner menu that help me be organised during the week and have dinner ready on the table at a decent time! It is amazing what a little black wall can do for a family!!!

Organising Meals - Breakfast Menu for an easier life

So of course we needed a blackboard in the new kitchen. I knew from the beginning where exactly it was going to go and it was a big enough space so I started planning what I wanted to put on it besides my menus.

My kitchen Blackboard - Organising Chaos Blog
My kitchen Blackboard - Organising Chaos Blog
I nMy kitchen Blackboard - Organising Chaos Blog

I now have my calendar, some fairy lights and of course, a plant. Plenty of room left for menus and other practicalities

My kitchen Blackboard - Organising Chaos Blog

There is so much room in this new blackboard that I might even use a corner as a chore chart for the kids.

Do you have a blackboard in your home?

Chaotic Itzi   OrganisingchaosBlog



It’s amazing how little we know about things when we take on a project. There are things that we know

People approach projects in different ways. Some people like doing some research. Others, (like me) are more impulsive. No matter what kind of person you are, when taking on a project, there are certain things that you know are going to happen, the Known Knowns. For example, in the case of us changing the kitchen, we knew it was going to be dusty since we were taking up all the floor in 70% of downstairs and tiling it. We also knew that it would take over a week of work and that we would be living upstairs for all that time. These were all known knowns – you know what you know. With this information, we get organised, we prepare, we make plans.
The Unknown-unknown @ OrganisingChaosBlog
Then you have the Unknown Unknowns. Those things that we don’t know we don’t know and no one does, not even someone with as much expertise as your contractor. The unknowns tend to throw a spanner in the works and although we should always be ready for some of them, we are never quite ready when they pop up.
The Unknown-unknown @ OrganisingChaosBlogLuckily enough, we are not having many of those, but one of them made me reach for the paper bag to breath into. The original builders built the stairs after they put the solid wooden floor on the hall with no supporting joist under the first step, so effectively my stairs were resting on floating wooden planks!!! (insert strong language here…). Now, I know that as far as unknown variables goes, this is not the worst. It wasn’t too expensive to fix and it didn’t affect other areas of the house, but still, big enough job for the size of the overall makeover! The Unknown-unknown @ OrganisingChaosBlogAll the dirty and messy work is done now so hopefully we are done with all the unknowns and we are only left with the knowns, the kitchen going up, my lovely sink being installed… all the fun stuff.

It’s starting to look like a kitchen. Units are going up. Chaotic Monkey has already said that he wants to be the first one to cook in the new kitchen. That’s fine by me. I will be supervising while having a glass of wine… sweet!

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