Do you want to hate a song? Do you want to have one of your favorite songs ruined for you forever? Just play it for your kids and you will soon hate it. At least in my house!

Want to hate a song? @ OrganisingChaosBlog

I love that my kids love music. I love it.

And I love that my kids love good music. At least what I call good music. Ok, let’s be honest. My kids like the music I like because it is what they hear the most. They love David Bowie, Vampire Weekend, Michael Jackson, The Beatles… very varied and different music. They love listening to music so much that I recently opened a Spotify account for them as they were driving me bananas with the Can you play this? Can you play that? … (I know that as far as parental complaints go, it’s not a tough one but still… it was one that was easy to fix)

They also get exposed to music through films. Some films have very poor soundtracks but others help bring the film to whole different levels and expose you to amazing artists that you might not have otherwise come across. The closing song in How to Train your Dragon is pretty spectacular and it’s sang by Jonsi, Sigur Ros’ lead singer and it was played on repeat in my house for days!

The Guardians of The Galaxy has a great soundtrack.

All the songs are what nowadays are considered “old”, from the 60s and 70s. All very funky and all very danceable.

The boys really got attached to Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede. It is a pretty amazing song. The voices, the Ooga Chaka part, the way it builds up, the good feeling of it. It’s just fabulous. I loved this song.

Notice I said lovED!

The boys have been singing it NON-STOP!!! They sing it together and beautifully, even if I may say so myself, but they also sing it CONSTANTLY!!! When they wake up. As they get dressed. They hum it while having breakfast because their mouth’s are full. They sing it on their way to school and on the way back from school. And they continue on and on for the entire day… And the following day. And they day after.

So now I kind of hate that song. Kind of.

They have just come across Eurythmics’ These Dreams in X-men Apocalypse. I used to love that song when I was younger. It was nice to hear it again. They kids now love it. They have spent the day singing it. I fear for it. I fear for me.

I’d better find another catchy song to replace Eurythmics so I can continue to like the song.

One I don’t like too much. One that is only ok.

Stay strong,
Chaotic Itzi




Hello Lovely People!
Did you all have an amazing summer?

summer holidays 2016I had few simple but important plans that I set out to achieve at the beginning of the summer and I am delighted to say that I have managed to achieve them all.Big Monkey's Wall Climbing Birthday Party
Scottish CousinsQuality time with the boys – checked.
Time with the family – checked. In abundance!
Going back to work – checked and loving it!
Spend time outdoors and stock up in Vitamin D – checked.
Hang out with Mr B – not in the same amounts as I would have hoped but it is probably never enough. 

Street Party - Limerick 2020
Mr B's birthday celebrationsWe’ve had birthdays, street parties, family get-togethers, days at the beach, fishing with cousins… plenty of everything.

Now, we are back to reality.
Back to work, to routine.
Boys will be back to school on Thursday and by the end of the week will be totally immersed into our winter routine.

Cousins fishingRoutine is good, right?
It is! Of course, it is!
I am ready for it. I am ready for structure.
I’d just wish that routine didn’t outweigh spontaneity and that winter would not last that long but that is another battle. Another day’s rant.

Splashing in the summer holidaysHappy Monday and welcome routine.

Chaotic Itzi



The summer is here. The summer holidays are here and slowly but surely we are making plans filling those weeks before school is back.

Lazy days - fishing with dad

Main plans for the summer:

  • Have quality time with the boys. We spend the year running from school to after-school activities, to birthday parties, to homework. Don’t get me wrong, I like having a routine most of the time but it is also brilliant having time where there is nothing planned, nothing to do. Just good quality hanging out time, having time to bake, to choose photos to print (we have not yet printed any photos from Disney!). I love the random chats that we have when there is no rush to go anywhere. Next week. Extensive morning cuddle time is the only requirement.
  • Spend time with family. We are spoiled with family this summer. I just got a super-gorgeous-super-cute-super-fabulous brand new nephew and I am planning to hang out with him as much as possible. At the moment, my nephews and niece from Scotland are over so there are loads of play-dates and sleepovers already happening. Next week my cousin and his family are coming from Madrid for few days – I haven’t seen him in years so that is very special!
    My mum and auntie are also coming over for a week in the middle of the summer to take the boys to Spain. And when we are all in Spain, apart from hanging out with all my family and kidnapping my nieces for as long as I can, I also get to hang out with my Australian cousin, his wonderful wife and baby daughter. I can’t wait to meet her!
    Family are so good for the soul…
  • Going back to work. Yes, that is happening. Not ideal going back to work in the middle of the summer holidays but I am happy to be able to go back into the workforce. I will be working part-time, only mornings, which is ideal especially once the boys go back to school in September as I will be able to collect them from school everyday. I am very excited about it and really looking forward to doing something outside my house.
  • Make the most of the summer light. I find winter very tough in Ireland. It’s not the weather, although it doesn’t help. It’s the short days. The few hours of natural light that we get, mainly from October to January. No amount of Vitamin D supplements can improve my mood during those months. Trust me, I have tried! So this year, I have decided to be grateful for the long days that we do get in the summer and I will sit outside most evenings (when possible) even if I have to get a blanket to make it comfortable.
  • Hang out with Mr B. As the boys are going to Spain a week before Mr B and I can go, we will have that week all for ourselves. Once we get over the empty and quiet house and the weirdness of sitting down on the couch after not having to produce dinner immediately to feed kids. Once we stop crying and looking at photos of our kids on our phone. Once we get off the phone from my parents, I am sure we will be able to open a bottle of wine and have an uninterrupted conversation. We might even get the hang of it! Who knows!

So this is my summer. Busy, busy, busy.
It won’t all be roses and I can guarantee that there will be plenty of struggles but I am looking forward to it.

What are your plans?

Chaotic Itzi


I don’t usually play the lottery.

I do think about playing it, every time there is an add on the radio or on the telly telling me how much money I could get by just purchasing one little piece of paper, I decide I am going to do it. I mean, why wouldn’t it? Who doesn’t want to exchange €4 for €4 million! But then, the add finishes and I totally forget about it. I get on with my jobs and I don’t think about it again. I never remember to buy that little piece of paper that will make me rich in an instant.

But sometimes I do remember. May 27th was one of those days. I kept hearing on the radio that the jackpot was an estimated insane amount of millions and I thought: Hey, you totally deserve to be rich. You’d be so amazing at it! You could do so much good and stuff… (that is so, like, totally, how my brain talks to me, like). So I actually, purposely went into the shop and I bought a ticket. Two actually.

I dared to dream @ Organising Chaos Blog

The thing is, you really need to know your lotto to play. I mean, there are so many kind of lottos out there : Lotto, Lotto Plus, EuroMillions, EuroMillions Plus… I have no idea what the Plus does but by Toutatis I am playing that too just in case! I am going to win it all!!!

I usually get quickpicks so I don’t have to decide make many decicions. I don’t have to chose a particular date or the street number where i grew up… everything is left to chance. Complete and utter randomness. It’s up to the Universe to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams. No pressure Universe!

Keep calm and win the lottery - OrganisingChaosBlog

The tickets from the 17th of May are still on my wallet. I haven’t checked them yet. I don’t want to be disappointed.

I dared to dream. I dared to think that I could win. But that is the game. That is what we all want – a quick buck in the shape of a million or two… or just few thousands… I am not all that greedy…

I dared to dream… the dream of free money… what a nice dream…
And I don’t want it to end…

Chaotic Itzi



Life has been so busy lately. I guess that when it’s sunny and warm, sitting on the couch doing nothing is not an option.

We have been out and about most weekends and the ones we have stayed at home, we’ve spent them working in the garden, painting furniture, weeding…

A couple of weeks ago we went to King John’s Castle here in Limerick.  It was a great family day out.

Family Day Out in King John's Castle

It is one of Limerick’s landmarks, it’s only around the corner and the boys have been wanting to go for ages. So we took them. Because that is how we roll. We are cool parents. Ask my children (only 1 day a week though, and I will tell you exactly when to ask them, right?). Cool parents, indeed!

A family Day out at King John's Castle - Organising Chaos Blog
Big Monkey got to do some sword training and archery, his latest obsession.

Daniel training swords @ King john's Castle
A family Day out at King John's Castle - Organising Chaos Blog

Chaotic Monkey got to climb to the top of the towers and investigate every room, which he loves.

A family Day out at King John's Castle - Organising Chaos Blog
A family Day out at King John's Castle - Organising Chaos Blog
The views from the towers are spectacular!

Most of the history went right over their heads but between the weapons and the other props, the boys imagined themselves to be right there with Robin Hood.

Family Day Out - King John's Castle - Organising Chaos Blog
A family Day out at King John's Castle - Organising Chaos Blog
A family Day out at King John's Castle - Organising Chaos Blog

Great family day out. Where have you been?

Chaotic Itzi



Last week was my niece’s and my nephew’s birthdays. One is in Spain and the other one in England. One turned 9 and the other turned 10. 

9 and 10!!! They are only numbers until you start thinking of them in terms of your eldest child’s age!!! How can that be? I wasn’t that long ago when he was my ” Moon Face” boy obsessed about elephants! 
On growing up - Am I ready @ Organising Chaos BlogIt really hit me! Next birthday up is Big Monkey’s. In 2 months he will be turning 9!!!!!!  —- Am I ready?
On growing up - Am I ready @ Organising Chaos BlogI love our chats, our conversations, our secrets. I love seeing the person that he is becoming. He is very sensitive, compassionate, very determined and (extremely) stroppy at times. He is very much his own person and a better and improved version of Mr B and I at the same time.

But sometimes I feel that all this is happening way too fast! 
On growing up - Am I ready @ Organising Chaos Blog
Yes, we do all age at the same rate. But children not only grow, they develop, they are  constantly expanding  their minds (and ours), they are  searching, investigating, learning…. It is beautiful to see. And a bit heartbreaking.

“Am I ready for this?” – that is not really the question. It doesn’t matter if I am ready because it is happening! I better get ready.

The real question is: Am I missing it? 
I better not blink!

Chaotic Itzi



You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven’t been writing on the blog that often lately. I mentioned that the main radio-silence gap during the Easter period was due to the fact that there were some problems with the kitchen. The problems started small but they kept coming, chipping away at my mental health.

I am usually an understanding person who understands that more than likely, in any given project, there is going to be a hiccup or two along the way. I am usually ready for that. I can cope with that. It is when the people you have deposited your trust and your hard-earned money to do not take responsibility for their mistakes, when they don’t seem to care about solving it and it is left to you to resolve everything, that my blood starts boiling. Lack of professionalism and total disregard for customers is something I can not abide.

Updating the kitchen @ OrganisingchaosBlogSo, what is there to do when this happens? Complain.

Don’t get me wrong. I am ok with complaining. Maybe I should rephrase that as complaining carries so many negative attributes. I am ok with letting the other party know, in a friendly and polite manner, that things haven’t worked out as expected. Constructive feedback. Usually, you get a lovely reaction, an apology and a solution. But sometimes it doesn’t really work out like that.

Sometimes, they just ignore you, they don’t call you back, they apologize but do nothing about it… so the mistakes keep happening and they keep chipping at you, affecting your daily live. That is not acceptable. Usually at this point, one has 2 options: Walk away or Stay with it.

Washing dishes on the bath during work @ OrganisingChaosBlog

Walking away is usually the smart choice. Put it behind you as a bad experience; try to salvage your emotional and mental health; move on; nothing is worth your mental health. Unfortunately, we don’t always have this option. In this very example, I had to keep dealing with the company as I needed my kitchen finished, I had no choice. I had to stay with it.

So what does staying with it do to you? You need to keep chasing, complaining, double checking everything. Stress levels go through the roof and there is a knot in your stomach: a mixture of anger, upset and frustration. That is not a feeling that anyone wants to constantly have for weeks. It is awful. It eats away at you. It is not healthy. It affects your mental health, your emotional balance and your physical health.

We had a terrible experience with our kitchen. I ended up resenting them. Resenting them for turning me into an angry person for a while. For making me cry. For putting my family under unnecessary stress. For not caring. But I am letting go. I am trying. Resent is not something you want to harbor within you either. It is not a good feeling. I am trying to stay positive and move on. Put it all behind. For me. For my family. For my mental health.

Chaotic Itzi


Spring is here and with it the traditional and infamous Spring Cleaning!

declutter your mind - OrganisingChaosBlog

Spring cleaning is all about cleaning and decluttering. We need to purge the house of all the things we don’t use… the dirty, the bad and the ugly. Once we have done this exercise, the house feels cleaner, airier, and we all feel far more comfortable in it. So, if we do this with the house, why don’t we do it with our minds?

Think about it. An average person has about 70,000 thoughts a day! I nearly fell of the chair when I found out there were that many! That is an insane amount of thoughts, don’t you think? Of course, not all those thoughts are deep thoughts, at least not in case! Thoughts can go from “what a lovely skirt” to “I need to clean the bathroom” to “5 more minutes in bed please” to “why are humans to awful to other humans?”.

Thoughts come and go thought our heads. Not all of them are real thoughts, for example, the thoughts you have while watching a film about the film. They are not real people and they are not real situations, and yet our brains don’t know the difference between “real thoughts” and “not real thoughts”, they are all thoughts keeping the brain busy.

declutter your mind - Organising Chaos Blog

When we are tired, worried, anxious… all those thoughts come flooding into our head at once. Real and not real. And thoughts don’t present themselves with a rational argument, of course not! They just add to your worries, to your anxiety and you are too busy or anxious to know which ones of those thoughts are real and which ones they are not and it all gets very scary.

I never thought about thoughts. I never thought about anxiety or panic attacks. I was a very happy-go-lucky kind of girl keeping it all together. Kind of. Until I wasn’t. What I learnt from my experience, is that we all need to declutter our minds every so often. Make the flow of thoughts stop. Think about nothing so you can slow down and start from the beginning, slowing down our thoughts so our brains don’t fry.

Running to declutter your mind - OrganisingchaosBlogDecluttering your mind is easy. Some people do it in a natural way by going for runs a couple times a week, by writing, hill walking, cleaning, reading… For others, like me, we need to work at it, find time in a day for yourself to do something. I usually meditate every morning. It doesn’t take long and it helps me slow down and structure my day. It works for me.  It helps me being more patient, more understanding…

We are always so busy and our mental health is so delicate that we need to make sure to pamper it, to look after it and to nurture it. For ourselves and for others. So take little time to yourself, to declutter your mind.

Give it a go.

Chaotic Itzi