When we decided to change our kitchen, we not only wanted a fresher and more modern look, but we also wanted (and needed!) more practical storage. The existing kitchen was designed without any love or considering any practicalities so storage was a must for us.

Upcycle a box witrh dc fix - OrganisingChaosBlog
The thing is, as much as we like storage, we also like displaying some items on our counters. Some people like having their counters clear of everything but that is definitely not us. We like stuff on our counters, not too much, definitely not everywhere and preferably,pretty stuff preferably. An organised chaos, strategically designed and planned before the organic and disorganised chaos settles in.

We had a wine box that used to host a variety of items in our old kitchen so I decided to update it to store our large collection of chopping boards. Out with the old and in with the updated/upcycled/new kind of thing. Although the box had already had a white wash previously, I wanted something a bit more contrasting to our new solid wood counters and I found a lovely d-c-fix paper to use on the box. (For more dc-fix projects see here and here)

Upcycle a box witrh dc fix - OrganisingChaosBlog
A simple process of cutting to size and covering the outside of the box did it. I secured the edges with some staples to make sure it wouldn’t peel anytime soon and then tucked the extra bits under the box, securing it with staples. I then added some felt pads to make sure my lovely, fabulous and amazing new counters (can you tell that I love them?) would not get scratched.

Upcycle a box witrh dc fix - OrganisingChaosBlogIt not only looks pretty but it is also very practical, and that is the main test, isn’t it? Pretty & useful. I love having the chopping boards at hand be for chopping vegetables, to put under a pot or as a serving dish. I only have to stretch my arm.

Upcycle a box witrh dc fix - OrganisingChaosBlog
Have you upcycled anything lately?

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