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Last week of school guys!!! So exciting!!!

I still remember being on my last week in school, about to get the long-awaited summer holidays… excited about what was to come… sun, swimming pool, beach, hanging out with family and friends… the simple life…

Big Monkey’s birthday is in the middle of the summer. There are many advantages on having your birthday in the middle of the summer but there is also one small disadvantage – all your friends tend to be on holidays so the turn-out is very small. We discovered this the hard way the 1st year of school and, since then, we started having his party to the end of June.

Birthday celebrations

These parties celebrate not only Big Monkey’s birthday but also the summer, the holidays… at least for me… I’d say all the boys want is cake and treats…

This year we had his party at home. “Play centers are for smaller kids” I was told recently… So with that option out of the way and no clear guidance as to what he wanted to have, I made the executive decision of having the party at home (because I am in charge and all that…)

To be honest, I was a bit nervous as to how we would entertain 15 boys. There is so much to do in play centers that kids are totally entertained and on the go for at least 2 hours solid – no problem. My back garden is not massive. Pretty average in fact, and the idea of having bored boys in my house, looking at me and waiting to be entertained and ruining my child’s social life for good, terrified me.

I decided to go for a ‘Carnival in your Back Garden’ theme so I started researching traditional garden games for the partyParty Games - Back to basics

I hired 3 games for the weekend : Cactus Lasso, Feed the Clown and Giant Jenga. The quality of those games was quite poor (I could have built better ones for less money than what I paid to rent them) so I decided to build on the Carnival Games theme and use what we already had around the house.

Pop the balloons

We attached balloons to the back of our goals to make a Pop the Balloon and we stacked some plastic cups together for an improv Knock the Cups. Very traditional. Very basic. Still fun.

Games, buckets of sweets, water fight and cake… that was my plan. Basic? yes. Did it work? Totally!!!

The birthday boy - birthday celebrations

15 boys. 63 balloons. 5 different games. 2 cakes. 10 candles. 13 water guns… simple, basic, uncomplicated and yet… so much fun!!!

Chaotic Monkey is already planning his birthday. I’ll let you know as soon as I  get my brief. I am a bit scared…

Chaotic Itzi


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