I am off to Barcelona this weekend to meet up with some friends and family!! (insert super happy dance here!!!)
Park Güell Barcelona Spain
The reason behind this trip is to go the Spanish Cup final in Barcelona between our football club (Athletic Bilbao) and Barcelona on Saturday night. That is a reason as much as it is an excuse. My sister, some other members of my family, half of the Basque Country and some other friends living elsewhere on the planet are also going, so regardless of the result, we will have ourselves a party.

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. Such a cool city, so much to see, such fabulous food, brilliant weather and the beach right on your door step. I have been there good few times before and I am always happy to go back.

I promise to document my journey to the best of my ability and I hope to be able to share some travel tips with you very soon. I will try to keep you guys updated on Instagram during the weekend.

Have a great weekend and I will chat to you next week!

Chaotic Itzi

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