Back to full-time work


Since last time I posted, I got a job and I have been working full-time since then.

Back to full-time work

The first weeks were a bit intense and a big change to our midweek family life. Although I was already working full-time last year, the set up was very different. I used to walk into town, I was getting home much earlier and the work itself was far more relaxed.

In my new job, I have a 30 minute commute each way. This, added to a slightly longer working day in a busier and far more demanding role makes the day feel longer and more intense.

We’ve all had to make adjustments at home. The kids took it quite well and they are very happy with the arrangements that we made for after-school. They sometime ask me when I am going back working part-time so I can collect them from school… This fills me with delight (because they still want me home), and with dread (because it’s not happening any time soon) and with guilt (because… you know… the usual…)

Work full time & stay at home full time

There has been a sense of constant rush around the house for the last couple of months and we have been trying to compensate by slowing down over the weekend with lazy mornings, board-games afternoons and family movie nights.  I feel like we are striking a healthy balance lately.

We seem to be organised, all in-synced. Chores don’t seem so hard now and we all seem to know what we are doing. I don’t feel like falling sleep when I finally get to sit down on the couch and I am even managing to phone family and contribute to the conversations, which they are delighted about… 🙂

The dust is finally settling and we are all doing well. We can see all the little silly things that used to put a smile in our faces before but hadn’t seen for a while because we were rushing.

Change can be hard but hard doesn’t have to be for long.

Chaotic Itzi


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