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For the last year or so, I have been looking at ways of reducing our meat intake. The main reason behind this decision is the fact that most of the available meats in the markets are full of hormones and antibiotics. You can of course buy free range and organic produce but not all supermarkets have them and unfortunately I don’t always have the time or the opportunity to go to specific shops for specific products so if I can’t buy free range/organic produce, I don’t buy it.

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Have you ever noticed that in order to organise a room, a huge amount of chaos needs to be created?

Chaos is an inevitable part of organising. Drawers need to be turned inside out, wardrobes need to be emptied, furniture needs to be moved, bags need to be filled…

It is always exciting at the beginning. I am full of energy, full of ideas, full of intention… oh… the naivety of it all…
I am one of those people who don’t over-think it. I jump right in. I get on with it.

After a couple of hours I realise how much work there is to do – that’s what happens when you don’t over-think things… ignorance is bliss they say…  By the time I come to terms with all I have to do, it’s too late to back down – there is already one more room compromised, I am covered in paint and one of my children doesn’t have a bed to sleep on that night.

There is stuff in every available surface, spare beds become dumping grounds, spare-rooms become waiting lists for furniture and decorations to be re-allocated….  Chaos, chaos and more chaos… awaiting to be organised…

My latest project : re-decorate Chaotic Monkey’s bedroom.
Status : getting there

New project : Chaotic Monkey's Room

It has taken a little bit longer than planned due to tummy bugs, general tiredness (and a bit of laziness) and kids’ social events but my young monkey is once again sleeping in his bedroom and he is very happy with his new bed.

I am hoping to finish the room next weekend.

And then I will need to organise the spare room where I have been dumping all the bits and pieces. I am just hoping that I don’t decide to organise the spare room properly as that would involve disorganizing a different room in the process and I don’t think I have it in me to do that much organising in one month.

A girl needs to pace herself…

Chaotic Itzi



Never is Never …it’s one of those things that parents say to their kids.

We have all gone through the Absolute Phase. For some people this phase lasts only a couple of years, around the ages of 6 or 7 and then they come out of it only to return to it in their teenage years, when it can last for much longer.

Never say Never @ Organising Chaos Blog

For me, the Absolute Phase lasted a little over a decade. I don’t think I came out of it… I stayed in it right into my teenage years. I don’t know if this means that my adolescence started earlier and it blended with my childhood, or whether I was (yes, was, in the past) a very melodramatic human for a long time.

The thing is that, although we grow out of those teenage dramatic years, we continue making absolute statements.  I would never live there…  I would never do that….

I have made those statements and I have ended up doing exactly the things that I said I wouldn’t do.

I’d never buy my child a gun… My kids can currently arm the whole neighborhood with guns, arrows, light-sabers, crossbows and axes.

I would never live in a housing estate.… We live in a lovely housing estate full of amazing neighbours where my kids get to play soccer, jump walls and climb trees… all the things kids should be able to do and most kids nowadays don’t get to do.

Never say Never - Organising Chaos Blog

I am making a huge effort not to make those statements anymore. Not because I don’t want to go back on them. I have no problem with that. Changing opinion is a sign of growing up, maturing, developing…

I just want to lead by example. I want to be able to teach my kids that there is no point in making those statements because we are always growing and our opinions change.

I want my kids to have an open mind.

Chaotic Itzi






Gather around my little friends while I tell you a lovely story…

Good few years ago (I’ve never been good with dates) some friends of ours opened a cafe in Dublin’s Capel Street – Brother Hubbard. They had always been passionate about food and after giving up their office jobs, going travelling and experiencing different tastes, flavours, looks and ambiances, they came back to Dublin to open their dream cafe. Their food is fresh, exciting and beyond delicious and I am so jealous of everyone in Dublin for having them there.Brother Hubbard - amazing cafe

The cafe started doing so well that Garrett and James extended their hours into the evening and even gave Brother Hubbard a sister – Sister Sadie on the other side of the river.

Although we try to visit our friends and their amazing cafes whenever we are in Dublin, I have spent years drooling over their menus on-line. I would see photographs of their food in their website or their Facebook page and I would get the urge to drive to the other side of the island just to grab a bite of that amazing food.

Brother Hubbard - the recipe book

As the owners are friends of mine, I would send them messages asking them to share recipes with me so I could satisfy my taste-buds with an attempt to copy their mouth watering food but no! They would not share! I always got the same reply : You have to wait for the cookbook to come out. 

So I did. I waited.
And it is finally here!!!!


I can not describe how happy I am.

I am bursting with pride that my friends have not one but two amazing restaurants in Dublin. I am proud of their reviews. Proud of how much they have achieved especially because I know how hard they have worked, how much they have put into it and how much they have sacrificed.

I am also delighted for me! Because finally I am going to be able to attempt to replicate their food in my kitchen, whenever I want. sharing-food-at-brother-hubbard

So I am off to buy my copy.

If you need me next week, I will be in my kitchen, cooking and eating.
I might share. I might not. I am not making any promises.

And when you get yourself a copy, who knows?  You might find something else in there….

Check it out!

Chaotic Itzi