Remember my plan to buy only a plant a month (see January and February plants)? Well I don’t know how this happened but it looks like I forgot to buy a plant in March . I am actually surprised at myself but I think I have made up for it during this month.
April Plant - An Easter Cactus
Although most of the plants I have bought were for the garden and technically they don’t fall under my “monthly quota”, I have spent quite a bit of money on them so I think I need to let the March plant go.
April Plant - An Easter Cactus
I have been thinking of getting a cactus. There is something lovely and crazy about them. I love their little flowers and their weird shapes. I just have a little issue with¬†spiky cacti (cactuses or cactus – yes, all correct) and children, in that I don’t know if they are a good combination, especially when one of those children is Chaotic Monkey…
April Plant - An Easter Cactus
So I decided to compromise and I bought an Easter Cactus.
It seems that this little beauty is the more temperamental cousin of the Christmas cactus. They tend to flower around the end of April and the beginning of May with the most beautiful pink starburst shaped flowers, so I have either missed it or it is about to happen Рeither way, I think this gentle cactus looks amazing as it is.
April Plant - An Easter Cactus
Have a great day.
Chaotic Itzi


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