Last week was my niece’s and my nephew’s birthdays. One is in Spain and the other one in England. One turned 9 and the other turned 10. 

9 and 10!!! They are only numbers until you start thinking of them in terms of your eldest child’s age!!! How can that be? I wasn’t that long ago when he was my ” Moon Face” boy obsessed about elephants! 
On growing up - Am I ready @ Organising Chaos BlogIt really hit me! Next birthday up is Big Monkey’s. In 2 months he will be turning 9!!!!!!  —- Am I ready?
On growing up - Am I ready @ Organising Chaos BlogI love our chats, our conversations, our secrets. I love seeing the person that he is becoming. He is very sensitive, compassionate, very determined and (extremely) stroppy at times. He is very much his own person and a better and improved version of Mr B and I at the same time.

But sometimes I feel that all this is happening way too fast! 
On growing up - Am I ready @ Organising Chaos Blog
Yes, we do all age at the same rate. But children not only grow, they develop, they are  constantly expanding  their minds (and ours), they are  searching, investigating, learning…. It is beautiful to see. And a bit heartbreaking.

“Am I ready for this?” – that is not really the question. It doesn’t matter if I am ready because it is happening! I better get ready.

The real question is: Am I missing it? 
I better not blink!

Chaotic Itzi


3 thoughts on “AM I READY?

  1. I watched my youngest (7) play in a violin concert yesterday. And realised the complexity of what they were doing….Reading a new language(music), controlling violin and bow,remembering their instructions and conquering their nerves to perform. And I felt quite teary when I realised that my littleedt isn’t a baby at all anymore. The people they are becomin are fascinating and wonderful but you mourn for the baby at the same time.

  2. So true Itzi!! The girls are getting so big too and reveal things they have learnt from I don’t know where…….wish I could slow time down a little! Hope you are well – love the blog!

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