Hi guys!

So after a series of events which took me away from blogging, I’m back in the blogosphere sharing my most random thoughts with you again – I bet you are delighted! 😉

The last few months have been busy.

Busy with life

Back in January. I started working full time. It was only a short contract covering a maternity leave but when the opportunity of working full-time presented itself I jumped at it. It had been 3 years since I worked full time and I wanted to give it a go again. I wanted to see how I got on balancing life and work but if I have to be perfectly honest, I wanted to see if I had learned anything from my last experience.

It is true that my circumstances have changed quite a bit since last time – mainly, the kids are older and they don’t need that much minding – but I am still me and I know what pushed me over the edge last time. I know my triggers and pressure points… so it was important for me to get back on the horse and making sure that the little crazy voices in my head didn’t take control of certain aspects of my life.

This controlled experiment has called for the entire family to adapt to the new circumstances and timetable but we have made it work quite well.

My-monkeys adapting

While considering taking the full-time position in January, what I worried the most about was the kids going back to after-school care. Despite having spent most of their infant lives in creches and then after-school care, they hadn’t had anyone else but me for the last 3 years and I didn’t know how they would react. It turned out that they were grand about it. More than grand. They were fecking delighted to go somewhere else for a while. I want to say it was the novelty rather than the fact that the lady looking after them is way cooler and much more fun than me but anyway…

My contract is due to expire shortly, just in time for the summer holidays. It has worked out beautifully in that me and my family have learned that we would be ok should I go back to work full time. Would I like it permanently? I don’t know. I like it and I don’t. There are benefits, especially financial ones…. but not everything is about the money…

That is a longer conversation…

We’ll see how things pan out…
Right now, my plans only plan is to enjoy the summer.


Thanks for having me back.
Delighted to be back

Chaotic Itzi


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