I am a Spanish girl living in Limerick (Ireland) with the 3 men of my life. Craft lover, organiser wanna-be, obsessed up-cycler, mother of two, coffee addict and always in the look out for inspiration.

Chaotic Itzi

After too many years in the corporate world and trying to balance family life, healthy living and working full time, I realized that I had very little time and energy for the things that I really cared about: my family, my friends and me. After a little breakdown, I had to walk away from my day job in order to find my true self and to become the person that I wanted to be.

What I learn from that experience? That no one is perfect and that if you are juggling too many balls, one of them is going to end up on the floor so take a minute for yourself, look after yourself and prioritize effectively.

We are a busy family trying to create an organised (enough) house full of character and personality where the whole family is comfortable, happy and ready to embrace the wonderful chaos that is day to day life.

This blog is my way of sharing my projects, the highs and lows of family life, tips on how to organize your home, inspiration and recipes with like minded people.. If you think you are one of them, grab a coffee and stay a while. A pleasure to meet you.

My monkeysLazy days - fishing with dad

xo Chaotic Itzi