Big Monkey came to the kitchen while I was cooking dinner on Wednesday. He had decided that, when he had his own house, he was going to have a dog called Bruno. He hadn’t yet decided the kind of dog he would have but he was certain about the name. It was a good name.
The next day he decided he would have a pug. They are so cute and they make the funniest noises.

Bruno and Pigs

Chaotic Monkey then decided he would have 2 pugs himself.

I then decided that since both of them had moved out in this scenario, I should get a pet myself and so I decided I would get a pigmy pig. They are just so cute! (do you follow Hamlet the piggy in Instagram? Adorable!) My pig would be called Pug and Chaotic Monkey’s pugs would be called Pig. Both of them apparently.

pygmy pig 1

It was also decided that Mr B and I would look after all the pugs and their children when they were away and they would take turns looking after my pig.

I love that the boys at only 6 and 8 years of age are thinking about having their own house, having family, having pugs, coming over to visit us, having us looking after their children and pets…I love that they always include us in their plans, that for them having family around and hanging out with them is something they cherish.

My monkeys

I am looking forward to those chaotic family reunions, with all of us there, their families, a pug named Bruno, two pugs called Pig and a pig called Pug. I will be fun! They are pretty amazing kids.

Chaotic Itzi

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