What was your week? After spraining my wrist last weekend, I have been a tiny bit under the weather so I am planning a chilled weekend with loads of cuddles and comfort food.

I am thinking of getting myself a Fiddle Leaf Fig¬†as my March plant. I still have to work out the logistics but it is so pretty….
Weekly inspiration

I think these infused waters will help me shake off the winter blues and make me feel than the spring is nearly here.
Weekly inspiration - infused water

I am totally in love with these toadstool mushroom table and chairs. They are just so adorable and they would look amazing anywhere. I so want them! I wonder if they do they in adult size.
Weekly inspiration - toadstool chair

I am really looking forward to dress nicely without having to cover it all with a big long coat and a scarf!
Weekly inspiration - style

We recently painted our built-in wardrobes in our room grey and I love them. I think it is my new favorite color. Grey with yellow, coral, duck egg… anything!
Weekly inspiration - grey color

Whatever you do guys, have a wonderful weekend!
Chaotic Itzi

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